Workshops & Seminars

Aryeh offers a range of interactive workshops and seminars based on Jewish wisdom and psychology on topics that include:

<b>Mastering Inner Calm</b>

Mastering Inner Calm

Acquiring attitudes and techniques to overcome anxiety and gain greater fulfilment in life.
<b>Creating Dynamic Relationships </b>

Creating Dynamic Relationships

Understanding the secrets of creating long lasting and meaningful relationships.
<b>Anger Management</b>

Anger Management

Gaining control of your anger before it gains control of you.
<b>Awaken Your Inner Greatness</b>

Awaken Your Inner Greatness

Building self esteem and going beyond one’s self imposed limitations.
<b>Unleash the Power of Your Soul </b>

Unleash the Power of Your Soul

Achieving your goals and accessing the realm of the miraculous.

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